Opening Jobs

KOL Firm Team

KOL Firm is with employees from 5 different countries, we welcome talented people from all over the world to join us. If you want to make a difference with your talent, email us at

Even though you don’t see any opening job that fits you below, you can email us and let us know how you can help. We warmly welcome passionate people.

Interns in Thailand: Seminar assistant

  1. Native Thai speaker
  2. Must speak fluent English or Chinese
  3. Passionate and pays attention to details

Interns in Shenzhen, China: Designer

  1. Familiar with Photoshop and AI
  2. Innovative thinker

Interns in Shenzhen, China: Accountant

  1. Familiar with E-commerce accounting
  2. Hardworking


We provide consulting services on E-commerce in China.