Company Registration

Company registration in China,including mainland China and HK.

Taobao and Tmall Store Build

Build Taobao and Tmall store from zero. - 1. What do you need to register a Taobao and Tmall store? - 2. How to build your store to sell well in China?

E-commerce Training

We hold E-commerce training class and summits in different countries. - E-commerce training class: Taobao store, Tmall store.

SEO for China Market

Market promotion in China.


With more than 100 high quality suppliers in China, we offer purchasing services, including resourcing, factory inspection, quality control, cost control.

Website Build

Build website in different languages, including Chinese,English,Thai,Indonesian etc.
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Excellent Support

Online support: Please be free to email us if you need any support, we'll reply your email within 24hours.

Dedicated Team

KOL group is a very creative team. Each member in our team is with rich experience. With customer oriented service, we'll help you both in importing and exporting field.

Faster Performance

With a dedicated and professional team, we'll help you to find a faster and easier way to enter China market.


We provide consulting services on E-commerce in China.